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Exercise guidelines for your child’s fitness

To start off ensure you do your warm up as it helps prevent injuries. Vary your exercise routine to bring more energy as otherwise you will hit a plateau soon and the benefits of weight training will diminish.

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You should give all the muscle groups equal attention as that will benefit balanced training, flexibility and growth. Squats, presses, pull-ups use a lot of different muscles hence that is more beneficial for you. Do not rush as that risk the chance of injury. Children’s personal training will keep your kid healthy, fit and flexible.

Cardio training should be restricted as it can limit muscle growth by burning glycogen and amino acids. You should get enough rest in between your exercise routine as your body needs time to recover and build your muscles. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as that can lead to lesser sleep.

The Dangerously Fit kids fitness training blog provides daily training workouts you can follow to get your child fit fast.

Specific Exercises for Muscles

There are specific muscle exercises like push-ups and bench-press for the chest, arm exercises like dips and overhead dumbbell press for your triceps, arm curls and pull-ups for your biceps. For building muscle in your legs, go for squats with a weighted bar. For abdominal muscles, do crunches and core exercises.

Start with lighter weights to avoid injury if you are a beginner. Increase the amount of weight over time to continue building more muscle. You should keep yourself entertained with music or a friend to avoid giving up. What you need to understand is exercising daily is very beneficial and don’t worry about harming yourself as your muscles rest while asleep.

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