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Welcome to Partnership Health, a straightforward blog for anyone who would like to be better informed about general health, exercise, and personal fitness.

Why Partnership?

Too often, we can find ourselves unfit and unhealthy, through passivity and accidental laziness. Once we start on this slippery slope, motivation and perhaps enjoyment through exercise flags, resulting in ever-decreasing circles, we become more unhappy with ourselves, our personal health suffers, we don’t feel like exercising…

So a partnership is a great way to straighten out this personal course: by training alongside a single partner, or in an outdoor exercise group, we can rekindle our interest in personal health, and receive the motivation that is so important in our personal exercise sessions.

We hope you will join in, read through the articles and leave a comment.
Or send an email via the contact form, and in partnership we can all get healthier and fitter together!

Good luck,